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March 17, 2023

Why Law Firm CMOs Are Taking on More Diversity Responsibilities

Corporate clients increasingly are demanding diverse attorney teams and legal advice on their own diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts.  Mary K. Young observes that chief marketers are increasingly tasked with ensuring companies get a diverse team of attorneys, that their diverse lawyers are being promoted in the media and retained in-house, that law firms’ internal DE&I efforts are being promoted to attract new clients, and that companies are getting the proper legal advice surrounding their own DE&I efforts.

Branding, Marketing Organization Design, Marketing Planning | News Mentions | Mary K Young | AdAge

December 16, 2022

More U.S. Law Firms Embrace Shortened Names, Dump Ampersands

Several U.S. law firms have rebranded to abbreviated names this year, with Quarles & Brady becoming one of the latest to debut a shortened name and updated logo.  Mary K Young observes that the shift to shorter law firm names is far from new and has been happening for about three decades.  The shift towards shortening firm names probably started with the trend towards law firms getting bigger and following more traditional marketing principles.

Branding, Marketing Planning | News Mentions | Mary K Young | Westlaw Today

February 13, 2023

Law Firms Turn to Layoffs Amid Slowing Demand

A hiring spree during recent years left many firms overstaffed.  Citing economic headwinds and slowing demand, some large law firms are tightening their belts, shrinking their attorney ranks and eliminating professional staff.  The decline in demand for legal work last year followed years of growth driven by a boom in mergers-and-acquisitions work, prompting hiring sprees accompanied by six-figure bonuses for even lower-level attorneys.  Peter Zeughauser observes that the demand for legal work “has fallen off the cliff.  The firms that were really red hot and significantly over-hired are the first movers to lay people off.”

Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Planning | News Mentions | Peter Zeughauser | The Wall Street Journal

February 3, 2023

Stroock's Merger Talks Face Pension and Accounting System Hurdles

As Stroock seeks out a merger partner, the firm's accounting system and unfunded pension could add additional barriers to a deal. Merger experts say that while those elements add an additional level of complication to merger talks, it doesn't mean a deal can't be done.The firm has explored a merger with McGuireWoods, Steptoe and, most recently, Squire.  Peter Zeughauser explains why pensions can become a potential impediment in any merger talks.

Mergers and Acquisitions | News Mentions | Peter Zeughauser | Law.com

December 2022

State of DEI Content: What Clients Expect from Law Firms and Professional Services Providers

Greentarget and Zeughauser Group’s latest State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey — our first in three years — revealed that clients of professional services firms see diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as a key business priority.

Management Consulting, Strategic Planning | Publications and Articles | Mary K Young

December 2022

Managing Brand Equity When Law Firms Merge

Mary K Young writes about the process of law firm mergers, the growing urge for firms to combine, the sensitivity around post-merger firm names, and retaining brand equity.

Branding, Marketing Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Planning | Publications and Articles | Mary K Young | ALM Intelligence Fellows

December 1, 2022

Why International Partner Promotions Are Increasingly Important for Some American Law Firms

While international partner promotions were essentially flat from 2021 to 2022 among Am Law 100 firms, some U.S. firms have nonetheless chosen to invest heavily in their global talent. The message from those firms has been clear: Global markets and international talent matter. Mary K Young comments on the rise in international promotions this year and how promotions may relate to each firm’s individual strategy.

Strategic Planning | News Mentions | Mary K Young | Law.com

November 15, 2022

2022 State of Digital, Content and DEI Survey

Mary K Young, along with John Corey and Betsy Coag, will discuss a recent survey of consumption behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of in-house counsel and executive decision makers.  This research pairs client consumption behaviors with practical guidance for law firms and professional service providers on how to break through to these difficult-to-reach audiences.  The session will provide an opportunity to learn about the content formats, platforms, and channels that clients frequent and value most, to understand the top reasons content “misses” for clients, and to decode what clients are really looking for in terms of DEI-focused content.

12:00 p.m. CT,  November 15, 2022

For additional details and registration information, visit 2022 Survey

Management Consulting, Marketing Planning, Strategic Planning | Speaking Engagements | Mary K Young

July 2022

A Trip Never to Forget

In this article, Alex Dimitrief shares his recent experience volunteering in Ukraine.  First published in The American Lawyer, this remarkable piece takes us through Alex’s Spring trip to Poland and Ukraine providing aid and raising funds to help the Ukrainian people.

Publications and Articles | Alex Dimitrief

June 2022

Law Firm Mergers: Lessons From Successful Strategic Combinations

Merger discussions among even some unlikely pairings seem to be heating up. In their new book, Kent Zimmermann and John E. Morris explain why and offer tips on how firms of various sizes and market positions should approach merger discussions.

Mergers and Acquisitions | Publications and Articles | Kent Zimmermann | Law Firm Mergers: Lessons From Succesful Strategic Combinations

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