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Leadership Development, Article

May 1, 2019

Who's Getting Left Out as Law Firms Race to Rebrand?

It’s natural that law firms overhaul their image to win and keep clients. But experts say recruiting and retaining talent should be key considerations too.  Mary K Young points out the importance of defining the target audience when developing a branding approach and that other industries that rely heavily on talent have made more of an investment in crafting their image and brand around employees and hiring considerations.

Branding, Leadership Development | News Mentions | Mary K Young | The American Lawyer

January 18, 2019

Succession Top of Mind at Law Firms, But Getting It Done Is Hard

As firm leaders of the Boomer generation age, leadership succession planning is key. Polsinelli’s process has taken years and involved consultants, interviews, and questionnaires.  Kent Zimmermann discusses issues that prevent firms from addressing it and some factors to consider when planning for succession.

Leadership Development, Management Consulting, Strategic Planning | News Mentions | Kent Zimmermann | Bloomberg Law

December 17, 2018

Harassment From Clients Can Stunt Women's Careers, but Few Firms Are Trying to Stop It

Women lawyers say harassment from clients is not uncommon and can impact business development opportunities. But many firms don’t have policies against client harassment or procedures to support impacted attorneys.  Gwen Mellor discusses challenges attorneys face with regard to clients' improper behavior and the importance of training on where and how to report harassment or assault from clients.

Leadership Development, Strategic Planning | News Mentions | Gwen Mellor | Corporate Counsel

September 22, 2018

2018 ZGuide to Leading Law Firms

Zeughauser Group's 2018 Pocket Guide to the American Lawyer Rankings of the Am Law 200 by Profits Per Equity Partner and by Value Per Lawyer; The A-List; The Global 100; and The Corporate Scorecard.

You can download the ZGuide here

If you would like a hard copy of the 2018 ZGuide, please send an email to zgadmin@consultzg.com with "2018 ZGuide Request" in the subject line and provide your mailing address.

Branding, Client Service Interviews, Leadership Development, Management Consulting, Marketing Organization Design, Marketing Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Planning | Publications and Articles

August 15, 2018

Law Firms Need Informal Reporting Programs to Quash Sexual Harassment

Gwen Mellor discusses how firms, by establishing a neutral reporting resource for inappropriate behavior, can help keep women safe and satisfied, benefiting everyone.

Leadership Development, Strategic Planning | Publications and Articles | Gwen Mellor | The American Lawyer

May 1, 2018

Are Women in Law Finally Empowered to Speak Out Against Inequality?

Gwen Mellor is quoted in this piece by Vivia Chen in The American Lawyer about the #MeToo movement and how it may give women in the legal profession the strength to speak up over more than just harassment, but inequity of all kinds.

Leadership Development | News Mentions | Gwen Mellor | Are Women in Law Finally Empowered to Speak Out Against Inequality?

December 20, 2017

Behind Big Law's Wall of Silence on Sexual Misconduct

As the #MeToo movement spreads from the entertainment sector to politics and the courts, will big law firms face their own reckoning? By Meghan Tribe and Hank Grezlak The American Lawyer

Kent Zimmermann provides comments.

Leadership Development | News Mentions | Kent Zimmermann | The American Lawyer

April 6, 2018

Carrot & Stick Used to Motivate Retirement-Age Partners to Hand Off Clients

"Law firms are reluctant to talk about it, but as more and more baby boomers approach retirement, many firms are grappling with how to get their more senior partners to relinquish client relationships and hand them off to younger lawyers, according to law firm consultants." Kent Zimmermann comments in piece in The American Lawyer By Miriam Rozen. 

Leadership Development, Management Consulting | News Mentions | Kent Zimmermann | The American Lawyer