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Consulting Services

Meet the Challenge of Market Leadership


Market leaders in every industry have one thing in common: a clearly defined brand. An authentic, memorable brand attracts clients and top talent and sets the tone for everything from daily operations to long-term growth.

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Client Service Interviews

Client satisfaction is a critical measure of a law firm's success and a prerequisite for market leadership. Reinforced over time, client satisfaction results in enhanced client loyalty — the ultimate advantage in a competitive marketplace.

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Management Consulting

To achieve market leadership, law firms must align their partnership structure, systems, and go-to-market strategies with one another and their strategic vision.

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Marketing Organization Design

In a challenging market, law firms need high-performance marketing and business development teams that drive growth and profitable revenue. We can help you get there.

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Marketing Planning

In an increasingly crowded marketplace where competition for clients grows more intense every day, law firms must think and act strategically at all times. Among other key decisions, firm leaders must allocate scarce marketing resources to ensure that every dollar spent contributes to firm growth or other key priorities.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

We have advised on many of the most successful and historic law firm combinations between firms in the United States, Great Britain, and the People’s Republic of China over the past two decades.

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Strategic Planning

The strategic allocation of available resources is an imperative for achieving market leadership. Zeughauser Group has an unparalleled track record in creating strategic growth plans tailored to our clients’ aspirations, leveraging our insight into the legal marketplace as well as our leadership experience working with major law firms and their clients.

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Law Firm Marketing Teams Grow Larger, More Strategic

ZG surveyed Am Law 200 firms and found that they are rapidly increasing their investments in marketing and business development.

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