The Challenge of Market Leadership

To help them meet the challenges of market leadership, Zeughauser Group advises our clients on strategy to foster profitable growth, on market positioning, on enhancing key client relationships and developing new business, and on issues related to firm leadership and management.

One of our strengths is the ability to tailor strategy—and advice about its implementation—to the nature and needs of individual clients.  We appreciate that success may mean something different to a specialty boutique than it does to a firm with a more extensive practice mix. Accordingly, market segmentation, practice focus, footprint, and size are among many variables that we help clients consider as they develop growth strategy to accomplish their financial and cultural objectives.  At Zeughauser Group, we are experienced at guiding firms through the complex process of devising firm-wide, practice, industry, global or geographic and office strategy, and at developing consensus around that strategy and the best means of achieving it. 

When a law firm's growth strategy requires additional capacity or capabilities, Zeughauser Group is equally adept at helping it evaluate whether to consider mergers or acquisitions to achieve its growth goals.   For firms that choose to pursue combinations, we are highly experienced at facilitating those unions.  In order to help law firms grow profitably and in ways that are compatible with their existing cultures, Zeughauser Group offers its merger and acquisition clients sensitivity, discretion, and a comprehensive understanding of the legal marketplace.

Many firms turn to Zeughauser Group for help with strategic operational issues, such as those related to governance, structure, profitability, pricing, and compensation.  Since these issues individually and collectively can determine how well firms fare in an increasingly competitive marketplace, they can be critical determinants of a firm's market leadership potential.  

Success requires a firm to be able to execute on its defined strategy.  To align practice group, industry, and geographic marketing with firm-wide strategy requires a different kind of planning at all levels—planning focused on the specifics of business-development and marketing.  Zeughauser Group consultants bring years of business-development and marketing planning experience, in both law firms and in corporations, as well as the client's perspective, to our clients' strategic business planning.

Today, because both clients and prospective talent demand that law firms define themselves in distinctive and memorable ways, our clients recognize the need to develop authentic positioning strategies that align their strengths with their clients' priorities.  We are market leaders in helping law firms articulate winning value propositions and in communicating those positions to clients, prospects, and recruits through award-winning branding initiatives. 

Zeughauser Group consultants also are acknowledged market leaders in the development of client service, feedback, and loyalty programs.  Whether we conduct client service interviews on behalf of our clients or help them develop and implement best practice-driven client service initiatives, we are known throughout the legal community for our work in bringing the voice of the client into law firms and for helping our clients foster enduring client relationships.

As a result of learning what matters most to their key clients, savvy law firms ensure the long-term loyalty of those clients by making them the focus of unique client service teamsClient teams help guarantee that the specific concerns and priorities that surfaced in the client's service interview become the foundation of a customized program for exceeding its expectations in the future.  Advising clients about best practices in team formation and planning is one of the integrated services that we provide at Zeughauser Group. 

As different as they are, all law firms share the challenge of determining how best to assess the value of their own marketing functions.  At the invitation of law firm chairs, managing partners, COOs, and CMOs, Zeughauser Group has assisted numerous law firms with assessments of their current practices and resources, and with explorations of alternative marketing organizational models.

By providing these strategic services to our clients, Zeughauser Group has earned its reputation as the firm of choice for legal industry leaders seeking to increase competitive advantage and profitability, enhance market position, and strengthen organizational culture.